5th International Yoga Day 2019

On 5th International Yoga Day (21 June, 2019), PM Narendra Modi urges people to make yoga a part of daily life as according to him peace and harmony are related to Yoga. At Prabhat Tara ground, Ranchi, he celebrated International Yoga Day 2019, performed various asanas with around 40,000 enthusiasts and said that Yoga is for Everyone, it's above faith.  

International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21 June to raise awareness worldwide about the benefits of Yoga in daily life. Yoga brings balance between body, soul and mind. It helps us to understand the purpose of life and how to survive in the changing environment. 

Climate Action theme focuses on the way how yoga can help us to solve the problem of climate change and also it bring lot more benefits into the lives of people. It is necessary to work towards climate change. The sense of respect for mother earth overcomes regular yoga practitioners that will help people to act in a certain way at home and working environment to work and build better future.